Marion Hedger

Having been involved in one way or another in the psychic/astrological arts for over 30 years, with somewhat of a jaded eye at times, there have been few practitioners of the science of astrology who have impressed me as much as Ovidiu Mircean.  He stands head and shoulders above most, and is a fine example of one who has learned and fine-tuned his art with absolute skill and precision; a throwback to those artisans of the 1970’s/80’s who really knew their stuff!


In my view, the goal of any practitioner of the holistic arts is to help people.  We have somewhat of a moral responsibility to “first do no harm”, and it’s sometimes a fine balance between telling the truth, and helping the client to help themselves see their true potential; to go about helping them create change where it is needed and avoid the pitfalls that may come about from lack of confidence, etc.  Ovidiu Mircean has managed to strike that delicate balance.


As a British Ordained Spiritualist Minister who works full time in the psychic field in New York, USA, I’ve been mentored and trained over the years by the VERY best that England and America has to offer. Therefore, I’m EXTREMELY picky when it comes to getting readings for myself.  Invariably, I’ve been very disappointed, and even disturbed, by some of the hype that has been generated with various so called “psychics and astrologers” who have taken a six week training course before hanging out a shingle, and charging exorbitant amounts of money.


So, truth be told, I went into my first reading with Ovidiu Mircean open minded, but not really expecting anything special..  Boy, was I TOTALLY WRONG!!  He was absolutely superb, and completely en point with everything he said.  One thing I remember (that still makes me smile to this day) was that he said that I would be teaching Psychic Development the following spring.  It was July.  I think I argued that I had NO plans to teach, and who on earth would ask me??  Of course, that very winter I was asked by the head of the school where I had trained to teach psychic development classes – beginning in the spring.  I was completely stunned!  Now, I send all of my students to him for readings J


To sum it up: Ovidiu Mircean is 100% the real deal, and you won’t be disappointed.  I couldn’t be happier with “my” astrologer.  He’s also an extremely nice, kind, and compassionate person, too – which, in my mind, is the absolute icing on the cake!  .